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Welcome To Safe Hold Umrah Services

Safe Hold Travels is one of the largest & most distinguished service agency working day in and day out in the sacred land for the convenience of Umrah Pilgrims so they can comfortably perform their Islamic rituals and obligations. We are proud to let the pilgrims know that the services of Safe Hold Travels are of the highest calibre and we render a plethora of benefits, incentives and compensations to our Hajj, Umrah, & Tourist customers. Safe Hold Travel provide the most “Professional Services” to the pilgrims who wish to perform Umrah, catering all categories of affordability & luxuries, according to the budget of each family or group of pilgrims.

Our Best Umrah Srvices

Visa Issuing

Before you arrive, we issue your Umrah Visa to Saudi Arabia (based on applications submitted via our overseas agents).

Complete Arrangements

For your peace of mind, we will arrange  every aspect of your trip from flights to accommodation, transportation and catering.

Bespoke Packages

We work closely to tailor bespoke Umrah packages.

Our Best Umrah Packages